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Sometimes an innocuous news item could trigger off a debate in a different direction. There was a bus crash in Vanuatu and among the several bits of news items covering the fatal incident which killed a few people and injured many, there was this mention about one of the vehicles running on bald tyres. This might suggest that the condition of the tyres caused the accident in the first place, though the truth will be revealed after a proper investigation, some doubts have been cast. Tyres are so important for the running of vehicles on the road. If replacement tyres are to be bought, try outlets that sell cheap tyres in Brisbane wide, and probably get the best of both worlds; quality tyres and reasonable cost.

Tyres of Many Brands and Many Sizes

What impresses one when looking at a typical store selling tyres is the sheer variety all over. There would be half a dozen international tyre brands and a couple of Australian ones too. Under each brand, there would be many sizes of tyres to fit the different models of cars. The tyre dealer won’t just be selling tyres for cars, though that might be the largest range and the maximum selling ones. There are tyres for the higher end SUVs, commercial vehicles and even heavy duty vehicles. And in each, there could be further varieties.

How Do They Offer Them at Discounts

Like most other businesses, the tyre market is also highly competitive and each manufacturer would want to increase their share of the market. Hence, they pass on some discounts to the customers. These discounts are offered through the dealers. Some enthusiastic dealers would normally add up a little bit out of their own margins to gain customers and to retain them. This way the customers gain in prices, and they can fit a new set of tyres in their vehicles and drive safely, knowing that they have a firm grip on the road. The dealers that sell cheap tyres Brisbane wide, therefore, try and benefit as many vehicle owners as they possibly can.

Avail Many More Services

The tyre dealers generally don’t just sell tyres. They try and offer a number of services to the customers. Most relate to the tyres and wheels. Wheel alignment is an essential service to be carried out periodically. When you drive your vehicle over different surfaces, the wheels might lose a little bit of their bearing. There are computerised equipment to do wheel alignment. In many cases, the experts would rotate the tyres among the 4 wheels so that the wear and tear is uniform on all 4 of them. If you are lucky the dealers which sell cheap tyres Brisbane wide can offer suspension diagnostics as well. This is necessary if you feel the suspension is not in good condition, and that is causing a faster erosion of rubber on your tyres.

The importance of tyres for any four wheel vehicle can never be overemphasised. If you are able to source the best quality tyres at discounted prices, you should feel lucky. Drive your car out to the dealers’ place, get the tyres checked if they are due for replacement and get the tyres.

Post Author: Sonia Marcus

Sonia Marcus